Friday, February 26, 2010


So date number 2 on the scene. This was definitely a nice surprise. We arranged a date via text message after just a few exchanges over e-mail. I knew that he was good people after he told me that he was from the Detroit area. Most people would beg to differ, but after living on the east coast for 4 months the mid-west swagger is something of an acquired taste. I trusted my instincts traded phone numbers and agreed to a dinner date. I know friends another meal.....totally against the first date rules. I firmly believe that the first date should be a drink or something that you can cut short if you feel the feelings are not mutual. So, against my better judgement I agree to the dinner date. I rush home put on something casual, google the directions, and rush out the door. As I approach and try to find parking I call him to let him know my predicament. I walk into the restaurant and meet him. He is standing at the table, and very handsome. I totally underdressed, and for those of you that know me you know that this is out of character. He gives me a hug and he is sitting next to me. Now from my dating experience the seating arrangement is critical, and tells alot about a person. Face to face like my day late valentine suggests insecurity and is very impersonal. My date was on the corner with me, not only that he called ahead to make reservations. We begin talking much like the other date. I find most of these are like interviews with drinks, but then something happens. We start making each other laugh. There were definitely some pauses in the convo, but he was very pleasent. I confessed about my earlier touch of death during a rock climbing incident. He told me about his recent interior decorating challenge. Overall a win-win experience. The bill came and he turned my card away (definitely a win). I say this because not that I feel that guys should always pay, but for lack of a better excuse it is always nice to be wooed. We chatted a bit longer about dental hygiene, and then we excuse ourselves from the table. Walking out of the restaurant we are parked in opposite directions so a hug and I'm on my way. This one was different from the last with a promise to see each other again. I walk to my car and drive away and before I get on my way I receive a text thanking me for a great night and hoping we do this again and a comfirmaton that he likes me. Overall a great success and this will be a continued blog......stay tuned friends........

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