Monday, February 15, 2010

My day late valentine

Well this is my welcome to the blogging world. I have taken on the task of trying to find my best friend and equal and when I find him I want a record of how I got there. For this search I have decided that I need to employ and explore all options.Today was my first encounter of the online-kind. This started off for lack of a better description "nice", and ended with a slightly awkward hug. We met on, and for the most part I have not been able to find anyone that fits me exactly. Date #1 however seemed nice on paper and we had exchanged a few emails, and agreed to meet. I trekked it out to the city after the biggest blizzard to hit the D.C. area since god knows when to meet him. I get there on time which is unusual for me. Put my name in and head to the bathroom to make sure the hike from the burbs to the city didn't smudge me up too much. As I walk back to the door there he is tall just as his picture described him. I'm sure this doesn't happen all too often so I was pleasantly surprised. He asked about the wait when the host told us it would be 10-20 he asked to move across the street. A nervous request? or pressed for time? Who knows this is the joy of dating someone you have never met. We go across the street and doors are opened we sit at the table and the "where should I sit" dance around the table begins. Finally across from me face to face. We begin talking about weather and traffic. Subjects progress to family, where we have lived, where we hang out, business he owns, friends he has, share laughs and then we order lunch. There were some pauses in the conversation, but nothing to alarm. We shared some Mac-n-Cheese he had a lavender lemonade. Me black coffee and we both had salads. Seemed "nice" enough. Then the strangest thing happened. The bill came and we both paid got up and he said thanks for coming out. I said thanks for the invite. We walked out and he said I'm over here and you are headed this way so arms out he gives me a hug and says have a good day. Now I know what this means as much as the next person, but I don't know just where it went wrong. I wish that you could hand out customer satisfaction cards at the end of the date so to improve for the next go around.....Or maybe nothing was wrong just no spark. It would just be nice to know so you don't have a lingering what could have I done better feeling after. Well this is the first of many attempts to find him. I know he is out there it's just the where that I'm a little fuzzy on so the search continues.


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