Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hold The Onions

So as this dating adventure progresses you learn a lot about yourself and people in general. With date number 3 I have learned that while in a dating scenario you know within the first 10 min whether you want to see them naked or not. Case and point: I will have the oriental salad hold the onions. So I was running late all day late to yoga class, late to meet my potential new roomie, late late late. I was bound and determined to be on time. I leave my house 25 min till and arrive to my surprise right on time. Now this is my third date in about two weeks so blind dates are now becoming old hat. I walk into the restaurant and scan the body builders in sight. Date #3 is very toned and handsome no one fits the description. I leave my name at the host stand and only the cheesecake factory would have a 30 min wait on a Sunday evening. As I grab the buzzer I get a text asking me where I am at. Inside the restaurant duh...this is where we are meeting right?? So I wait a bit and he walks in I can tell he is nervous, and then he confesses that he had been waiting in his truck because he came super early to insure he was on time. We are waiting for the table chat a bit about the weekends events. Then the buzzer goes off. We are seated at a half booth half table arrangement. He says if you would like the booth it's yours. Just what a lady likes to hear. So I slide in and he sits down across from me. The waitress wastes no time to inundate us with the novella that they call a menu at this joint, and if that were not enough she begins to site page numbers and specials. Then wisks away like a hurricane of bubbly animation. As we both try to shake off the overwhelmed feeling we smile and begin chatting on what really nice I look. Well he mentions how nice I look and then we progress into the menu and what we like to eat. Now when hurricane Julie comes back to take the order I notice that he says "I will take the Oriental Salad but no onions". If this isn't a sign then I don't know what to say. Then as predicted we delve into deeper convo like his boxer pup grumpy and his potential trip to C-Bus this weekend. Oh yes friends he is making the pilgrimage to the Arnold Classic. Not to worry he has a neck and is very intelligent, and very considerate. Date #3 is Virginia's finest and this would normally scare me off, but he seems very not cop like. Our food comes we continue on to coffee. Then as we finish I can tell that if it were his choice he could stay forever. As we walk out he waits behind me and opens doors and then we are walking to our cars. This is always where it seems to get awkward. I give him a hug and say we should do this again. He laughs and says definitely and I begin to walk away. Then before I know it there is a tug at my hand and I am spun around with a tongue in my mouth. What the F! Well he is hot and he didn't order the onions. With a somewhat drawn out smootch I am now on my way. I am writing this the day after and I can tell you that since then he has called with a promise to do something next week. Must have been something in that kiss. Also since then Date #2 has called with an intent want to see me again. So the plot both are quite endearing in their own way. Let the games begin!!

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