Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Is age just really a number

This is a phrase that people like to throw around a lot. Some have cut-offs others don't care and some have a small window or range to work within. Myself I am always willing to try and see. I think everyone is different and you never know unless you try. Date #5 is ten years my senior. Judging from his photo he seems to take very good care of himself, and from what I could tell in the emails very nice. So we decide to meet and he picks Cheesecake Factory. I drive out there from work still in my business casual which I hate, but whatever it's just a date. I arrive early and send him a text he said that he will be down in 10min. I sit at the bar and he comes in and orders a drink and sits next to me. We both decide that sitting inside on a beautiful night is such a waste so we request an outdoor table. We sit out at the table and he confesses that he hates the Cheesecake Factory. This statement I am still confused by. Perhaps he didn't care where the drink was and he just wanted to check the goods. Whatever the case we don't even finish our drink and head over across the street to a place that he really likes. This is another confusing move. At any rate we try to get a table outside but to no avail. We agree to sit in and get a drink. Conversation was light and very detailed on things like travel, work, personal accomplishments, hobbies, etc. Pretty much the typical first date. I head to the restroom after he returns from the same and we head out. I said that I had a great time and he agreed asked to see me again and walked me to my car. All in all a very nice time, and it is still to be determined if age will factor on this. I think that at any age he would be attractive and this is where men have an advantage on women. I think that there are aspects in dating someone older that know no age, like, humor, manners, confidence, and consideration. These are the things that should matter the most as these things don't age and therefore do not run the risk of expiring. The other aspects that I am sure you can guess can and are not what build a relationship. However, are still meaningful in sustaining or bring two people together. I think age very much matters and it's where your weights are on the aspects that have expiration dates that determine how much.

Do you take the 1 or the 2

So after a few emails back and forth we decide to meet for a round of salsa dancing. Not your average first date, but then again I would rather not be average. Now do I salsa dance? If you count crashing a salsa lesson in a Mexican Catina after a night of excessive drinking then yes I am a professional salsa dancer. On this particular night I agreed to make my way to a local bar that hosts a salsa night to meet my potential suitor lets call him date #4. Now as I have progressed in my dating skills I even surprise myself that I am in no way uncomfortable with this situation. I show up pay the cover and head to the bar. I receive a text saying that he is on his way and that he will be there soon. Late is never a good impression. I decide to get myself a drink and before I can take my first sip I am asked to dance. Now I have been out dancing a few times (I know I joked earlier) but these people were amazing dancers. I warned my dance partner that I was not any good, but he didn't seem to care. With my date no where in sight I really didn't have anything better to do than to dance. After the first round of embarrassing myself I plop down at the bar for a time out. He talks to me for a bit and then enter stage right my date. He looks how I expected him greets me with a smile and a hug very friendly. We head to the dance floor and I warn him that I am no professional and he seems unfazed. He then asks do you take the 1 or the 2. When I say "I have no idea what you are talking about" it becomes very clear to him that I am a beginner. Now I don't feel that I in anyway mislead him, but perhaps he just expected something different. Expectations will get you every time. I feel they ruin the little things in life that can be the best surprises. At any rate I finished the dance and I could tell that he lacked the patients to teach me so I headed back to the bar. He followed and ordered a drink. As we sat there another guy asked me to dance. Since my date lacked interest at that point who am I to turn down a dance. So back to the floor for another round. Then something surprising happened my date wanted to teach me to dance. He gave me a short lesson and then asked if he could head out for a dance with one of the instructors that was there. I gave permission and headed back to the bar to close my tab. As I stood there I was asked yet again to dance by another person. He was a tall dark and handsome dance instructor so of course I said yes. He was a great teacher and easy on the eyes. After our dance I told my date that I needed to take off and he walked me to the door, gave me a hug and off I went. Now if you are into salsa and you are a single lady I would say this is a great place to hang out. I don't feel like this date will really go any where, but he was a lot of fun and I could see us being friends.

He likes me, He likes me not

So on this dating scene boring is not a word that I would use to describe my current experience. Date #2 has made a repeat appearance on several occassions, but sometimes is very difficult to see what is going on. On the surface very complimentary and likes to make plans. However, when you travel a bit deeper there is something missing that I can't quite put my finger on....or maybe I could. At times distant and others right there along with me. Like one of my good friends likes to say "time will tell". So I guess the blogging continues.