Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Do you take the 1 or the 2

So after a few emails back and forth we decide to meet for a round of salsa dancing. Not your average first date, but then again I would rather not be average. Now do I salsa dance? If you count crashing a salsa lesson in a Mexican Catina after a night of excessive drinking then yes I am a professional salsa dancer. On this particular night I agreed to make my way to a local bar that hosts a salsa night to meet my potential suitor lets call him date #4. Now as I have progressed in my dating skills I even surprise myself that I am in no way uncomfortable with this situation. I show up pay the cover and head to the bar. I receive a text saying that he is on his way and that he will be there soon. Late is never a good impression. I decide to get myself a drink and before I can take my first sip I am asked to dance. Now I have been out dancing a few times (I know I joked earlier) but these people were amazing dancers. I warned my dance partner that I was not any good, but he didn't seem to care. With my date no where in sight I really didn't have anything better to do than to dance. After the first round of embarrassing myself I plop down at the bar for a time out. He talks to me for a bit and then enter stage right my date. He looks how I expected him greets me with a smile and a hug very friendly. We head to the dance floor and I warn him that I am no professional and he seems unfazed. He then asks do you take the 1 or the 2. When I say "I have no idea what you are talking about" it becomes very clear to him that I am a beginner. Now I don't feel that I in anyway mislead him, but perhaps he just expected something different. Expectations will get you every time. I feel they ruin the little things in life that can be the best surprises. At any rate I finished the dance and I could tell that he lacked the patients to teach me so I headed back to the bar. He followed and ordered a drink. As we sat there another guy asked me to dance. Since my date lacked interest at that point who am I to turn down a dance. So back to the floor for another round. Then something surprising happened my date wanted to teach me to dance. He gave me a short lesson and then asked if he could head out for a dance with one of the instructors that was there. I gave permission and headed back to the bar to close my tab. As I stood there I was asked yet again to dance by another person. He was a tall dark and handsome dance instructor so of course I said yes. He was a great teacher and easy on the eyes. After our dance I told my date that I needed to take off and he walked me to the door, gave me a hug and off I went. Now if you are into salsa and you are a single lady I would say this is a great place to hang out. I don't feel like this date will really go any where, but he was a lot of fun and I could see us being friends.

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